About Us





Mission Statement

The Torre Academy is an early education center the focuses on providing a safe environment where children can learn and explore. Our program is designed to stimulate your child's mind in a developmentally appropriate atmosphere. We aim to promote positive social/economical, cognitive and physical development in every child. Here, children will be immersed in an environment where they will learn to appreciate and respect diversity while adapting social skills that will be essential as they grow. Not only will they be introduced to basics social skills, they will also be introduced to more cultural activities such as art and language.  


Our philosophy to learning is based on the theory that teaching is most beneficial when geared towards the learning style and developmental needs of the student. Our success of learning is built on early recognition and implementation of diverse standards. Understanding that learning starts at the time a child is born, we here at The Torre Academy utilize various teaching methods to be assessed and implemented throughout every stage of care. We evaluate the success of our students learning annually and work with our parents to ensure continual growth. We aim to promote confidence of learning not only through play but technology as well.