About Us





Early Education

The center's curriculum is based on children learning through experiences, interest and play. While we focus on traditional methods of learning we also incorporate alternative approaches to ensure that there is something for every child. Beyond the normal educational age appropriate standards, we also provide language classes for our older students. Our objective is to not only challenge your child but encourage them to explore new concepts and ideas. 


School Age

Our school age program is designed to complement what your child is doing in school. Children are encouraged to complete all homework prior to engaging in any other activities. After homework is completed, each student is allotted an opportunity to engage in an activity of their choice such as crafts, social building skills or reading a book from our library. 


Drop In Service

If you have an enrolled child we also offer a "Drop In" service for siblings. This is a first come first serve option and is based on daily availability. The child in question must be previous registered for the service and payment is due day of service unless otherwise noted.


Summer Enrichment Program

While our summer program is more relaxed, students will still be engaged in activities that will stimulate their minds. Many activities will be outdoors so that students can explore nature.